Monday, October 4, 2010

Afternoon trip to the movies...for free!

So I saw this contest posted on (love that site) Where you can enter each day to win free movie tickets. I have entered 3 times and won 2 out of 3. I took the kids to see Guardians of Ga'hoole this afternoon with my winnings, and one additional voucher Dylan received from the orthodontist last week. The movie was really cute, and we had a blast.

Link to contest if anyone else is interested:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Dance! I love getting packages :)

Two packages in one day! Yipee! I used my 20.00 groupon coupon at yesterday and my package arrived today! I've never ordered from so I wasn't sure what to expect. Talk about lightening fast shipping. I got a bottle of BB styling lotion, for 2.49 shipped (after my groupon code). BB products are fantastic I just wish they weren't so expensive. One of Kailee's Christmas presents also just arrived. I was able to get her a cute Juicy Couture charm bracelet with the 25% off piperlime code from a few days ago.

Mmm cupcakes

Aliza and I spent the afternoon making cupcakes. I leave the room and she proceeds to give each of our dogs a cupcake. lol

I love October....

I'm ready for fall mums, pumpkins, Halloween costumes, and cooler weather...Unfortunately, it's 107 degrees outside today--gotta love Arizona. My school work is done for the week, just in time to head to work tonight. I'm counting down the days until our San Diego trip. I just booked our hotel last night. Have I mentioned I love With our entertainment book, and the name your own price we ended up paying only 80/night to stay at the Hilton in Del Mar. I'm hoping it's nice, and bed bug free. Ick those bugs freak me out!

*Hilton in Del Mar*