Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthday Shopping

Finished up Kailee's birthday shop today. Ouch my debit card is hurting. I hope she loves everything we got her. She is officially in tween land-- her list consisted of clothes, accessories, and Glee items. I ordered Dylan's Boba Fett MP3/Alarm Clock/Lamp from I even paid the extra for 3 day shipping, but they didn't actually ship the item until today--2 days before his birthday... Boo. Jason and I are taking Aliza to Disney Princess on Ice tomorrow so we're going to run to Fry's electronics to see if we can find him something for him to open on Sunday too. I work this weekend-- Oh wait I work every weekend, so I have tons of things to do cleaning, cake baking, and present wrapping. I can't believe K and D will be 1-0. Yikes.

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