Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh Happy Work Weekend and a Special Birthday

I can't believe how fast this weekend flew by. Kailee and Dylan celebrated their 10th birthday on Sunday. I can not believe they are 10. It just doesn't seem possible. They were both spoiled rotten with tons of lovely presents, and Jason even made Kailee these Amazing Glee inspired slushy cupcakes. Dylan wanted a cake from Cold Stone, which was equally as yummy. I was pretty bummed that I'd have to work the night of their birthday, but amazingly the hospital census dropped and I got my first-cancel request granted.

Tonight is night two of trying to get Aliza to sleep in her own bed--she's been co-sleeping with us from day one, but she tosses around in her sleep so much that lately Jason has been getting up in the middle of night and taking over her unused Tinker Bell inspired bed. So far so good. Each night I've laid with her and we've read Fancy Nancy at least twice. She's currently laying in her bed reading to herself--and yes I know it's 1 am, but with two night-shift working parents her sleep schedule has always been a disaster. Wish us luck!

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